What is a Synod Profile?

In preparation for the election of a bishop at the Synod Assembly next spring, Bishop Mullen has formed a team to develop a Synod Profile. This is the first time such a profile has been developed in preparation for electing a bishop. This is similar to the profile a congregation develops as part of the process for selecting a pastor.

Through a variety of avenues, this is an opportunity for individuals to voice concerns, perspectives and creative ideas that will, in turn, enable us to ascertain the current and future needs of our synod and our members.

From this information gathered in face-to-face meetings and through an online survey, assistance from the church-wide staff and existing Synodical information, we will develop a profile for the “Leader We Seek” for the Sierra Pacific Synod.

The synod profile team has now completed three gatherings (in Fresno, San Mateo and Lodi) and the online 5 Questions survey. In all, hundreds of people in our synod have let their voices be heard. Now the team is analyzing the data and preparing the profile (which will include the summary and raw data).

The synod profile will be presented to the Synod Council at their January meeting, then distributed throughout the synod in a variety of ways.

The Profile Team: Ms Karen Anderson, Ms Bea Favre, Pr Joseph Leon, Pr Jeff Thiemann, Pr Laura Ziehl, and Pr Dale Sollom-Brotherton, Facilitator


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