This website includes the Synod Profile  and documents to help you discuss and discern the movement of the Holy Spirit as we prepare together to select our new Bishop. Download, read and join the discussion online. (The documents can be downloaded individually or as one 8MB .zip compressed file.)

Commendation from Bishop Mullen

Synod Profile – February 2008

13 Themes PowerPoint Presentation

Congregation Discussion Questions (ready to print)

Supporting Information

  • · Methodology and composition of groups
    • About the Regional Gatherings
    • About the Surveys
    • Surveys and Gatherings Combined Participation
    • Participating Congregations and Organizations
    • Overall Summary of Gatherings
    • Fresno Summary
    • San Mateo Summary
    • Lodi Summary
  • ·  5 Questions Online Survey Details
  • ·  Churchwide Program Audit
  • ·  Existing Information
    • Building Healthy Multiplying Congregations
    • Bishop Mullen’s Ecclesiastical Duties in Detail
    • LDT Listening Posts, 2005-2006: Summary and Recommendations
    • Synod Structure Overview
  • ·  What the Profile Team Learned

Churchwide Program Audit

Building Healthy Multiplying Congregations

Flipchart Photos from Gatherings

  • ·  Fresno Flipchart Photos
  • ·  San Mateo Flipchart Photos
  • ·  Lodi Flipchart Photos

Corrections made after Resource CD was created

Download everything as one 8MB compressed (.zip) file


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