Synod Structure

What does “Synod” mean? The term is used in different ways: One, the expression of the body of Christ through the ELCA presence in northern California and Nevada; another, the office of the Bishop. The role and the structure of the Synod as an institution are not clearly understood. The perception is that the focus of the Synod office is on addressing problems and that relatively little emphasis is placed on creating a vision for the future and leading the Synod towards that future. The Synod Assembly is viewed as an untapped opportunity to bring disparate groups together and lead them towards a shared mission and common goals. The conference structure works well in some areas and not so well in others. There is a sense that this Synod is unique within the ELCA, yet the potential to leverage that uniqueness has not been addressed.

What does “Synod” mean?

What vision do you have for the Sierra Pacific Synod? How might the Synod office lead toward that vision?

What do you think should be the priorities of the bishop’s time? How might the bishop and Synod staff align those priorities with the structure and activities of the Synod?


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