The discussions and actions surrounding the ordination of gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (GLBT) clergy have been contentious and divisive for the Synod. There is substantial confusion about what the Bishop is and is not empowered to do. Faithful members have very different opinions on how we should proceed. While those differences of opinion are strongly held and strongly stated, the Synod looks to the Bishop for leadership traversing these uncharted territories, both in the present situation and dealing with the consequences of any policy decisions made at the churchwide level. One dominant message that emerged is that we must “get on with it” and not be defined by this issue.

What do you understand to be the key issues in the area of sexuality and how do you feel the bishop needs to address them?

What policies, in this area, would you like to see implemented for the Synod and for the ELCA?

What do you think should be done, by congregations and by the Synod, to address the divisiveness within the Synod over this issue?

How might our Synod get beyond this issue rather than being defined by this issue?


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