Healthy, Multiplying Congregations

Building healthy, multiplying congregations has been a major focus of the Synod for the past few years. The document of that same name provides a detailed overview of the Synod’s efforts in this regard, organized under the following categories:

  • • Pray First
  • • Lead by Example
  • • Plan for Mission
  • • Build up the Body
  • • See and Speak the Truth in Love

The Synod has had more new mission starts (fifteen in the past two years) than any other ELCA Synod in the country. At the same time, the Synod has a large number of shrinking and aging congregations, some which may not be viable, especially using “Criteria for Viable Congregations.”

Are you, as a congregation, familiar with a Synod document called, “Building Healthy, Multiplying Congregations”?

Describe a “healthy” congregation.

How might the bishop and Synod staff best be involved with a congregation on the edge of viability?

How could the bishop and Synod staff best help you to engage in meaningful evangelism and outreach?


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