The Synod has a finite amount of financial resources and they are allocated to programs, events, staffing, overhead, and mission. Different groups sometimes see themselves as being in competition for funding. Some churches choose to withhold financial giving for various reasons, some have no idea how their giving is used, and some feel they are not getting an adequate return on their giving.

Since a budget is a planning document for the future, it and financial resources, have a major impact on all the other themes highlighted in this profile.

What do you think should be the priorities for the allocation of the financial resources of the Synod?

What major or minor changes do you think need to be made to the Synod’s budget and budgeting process?

How do you think the Synod staff ought to respond to congregations who choose to withhold financial giving from the Synod?

How would you like to be informed by the Synod office about the use of your financial


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