Care for the Pastors

Comments throughout the process expressed a need for care for pastors, but not necessarily by the Bishop. One suggestion included the design of a specific peer support program with input from those served. There is often a sense of detachment from the Synod staff and this is exacerbated by the inability of the bishop and the small staff to be present in person other than during times of crisis. The report from the Leadership Discipling Team’s Listening Posts expands on some of these issues.

There is a sense of ambivalence about the role of the bishop in dealing with pastors and their families. Should the bishop be strong in administration or should the bishop be strong in pastoral care?

How might the Synod staff, as well as congregations, support your pastor and your pastor’s family?

What programs or ideas might create a stronger pastoral relationship between the bishop’s office and pastors?

Being bishop calls for a great deal of interaction and team building. What skills and experience do you think are most essential for this task?


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