Discussion Questions

The Sierra Pacific Synod will be electing a new bishop in the spring of 2008. As we enter into this important time, our Synod has undertaken a new venture. A Synod Profile Team has been created and has gathered extensive input from around the Synod. We are the first Synod in the ELCA to undertake such a process. The team has listened to many voices and this input, together with existing Synod information, has been used to create a Synod Profile. The Synod Profile is, in some ways, similar to a congregational profile created when a congregation is seeking a new pastor.

The 13 themes below represent the synthesis of much conversation around our Synod about the current and future direction of our Synod and about the leader we seek in our next bishop. The Synod Profile Team heard 13 major themes and we present them to you for your consideration.

The questions below are intended to allow you to join in this groundbreaking conversation. These questions are similar to questions asked of candidates for bishop. These questions may be used in a number of ways:

  1. To begin a conversation in an adult forum or other setting about the ministry of our Synod and each congregation’s role in that ministry.
  2. To inform people about the ministry of the Synod, both its challenges and its strengths.
  3. As conversation and preparation with voting members to the Sierra Pacific Synod Assembly.
  4. To prompt discussion on this blog.

A hard copy of the Synod Profile has been sent to your congregation as well as a PowerPoint presentation and an accompanying CD containing many of the supporting documents used in this process. The same information is available online at https://spsprofile.wordpress.com/resources/ where you can download the files and extend this pioneering conversation across the Synod.

Please use these questions and the accompanying materials in any way that would assist your congregation and its ministry. Thank you for adding your voice to the conversation.

In Christ’s service,

The Members of the Synod Profile Team

We invite you to continue this discussion online.


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